Gigibonta- Cicetekelo Youth Project

Gigibontá offers the best authentic Italian home-made GELATO, made only with natural products! What makes us amazing is how we faithfully follow Italian traditional recipes and only use choice dairy products. Our home-made GELATO is produced every day at our Gigibontá factories and follows a balanced nutritional scheme with healthy and low fat content. In addition, we offer amazing coffee, mouthwatering parties and delicious cakes! The amazing part is WE ARE NOT HERE FOR A PROFIT! Gigibontá is in fact part of a project for street kids. The art of making Gelato is one of the activities taught to the young street boys of Ndola. It is because of this that Gigibontá was born, to help along side CICETEKELO YOUTH PROJECT and the other projects of the Association Pope John XXIII sustainable in the long run. Come and enjoy, for yourself and for others!

Jacaranda Mall, Ndola, Zambia.

opening & closing time

Week Days Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 7:00 20:00
Tuesday 7:00 20:00
Wednesday 7:00 20:00
Thursday 7:00 20:00
Friday 7:00 20:00
Saterday 7:00 20:00
Sunday 7:00 20:00
Holiday 00:00 00:00
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