Cigar Lounge

The Cigar Lounge Zambia is the first ever cigar and cocktail lounge in Zambia. All over the world,cigar lounges are meant to cater for up-market cigar,Single malt liquor and wine lovers in tranquil settings, providing utmost comfort for their enjoyment. The Cigar Lounge Zambia shall is no different – located in the plush suburb of Ibex Hill at the Ibex Hill Hub Shopping Center in Lusaka, with magnificent space that’s grand and intimate.The Cigar Lounge Zambia shall cater for this affluent segment of the market, providing the finest liquor and entertainment. The Cigar Lounge Zambia is the trend-setter in cigar lounge entertainment in Zambia. It is known for its house signature cigar the COHIBA Cigar and for the cocktails its the screaming multiple orgasms.

Shop No. 6, Ibex Hub Shopping Mall, Lusaka, Zambia.

opening & closing time

Week Days Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 00:00 00:00
Tuesday 16:30 23:55
Wednesday 16:30 23:30
Thursday 16:30 23:55
Friday 16:20 23:55
Saterday 14:30 23:55
Sunday 14:30 23:55
Holiday 00:00 00:00
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