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Terms & Conditions

Dear Users,

We welcome you to MINGLETAINMENT and encourage you to enjoy our services and provide us with feedback to enable us serve you better.

As in any other service, terms and conditions play a significant role towards ensuring you are offered the assurance that we are constantly thinking and defining ways of provide better services and content to you. It is at the same time, important to provide you a detailed view on how you can access our services and what it means for you.

Our intention is not to create a “heavy duty” legal framework but to support transparency of our services. We therefore implore you to take the time time to read through the T’s and C’s. Accessing the services confirms your consent and this applies to all main stream functionalities and content but as well as to special and/or once-off services offered to yourselves. The terms and conditions are applicable to all users, whether end customers, content providers but as well as Enterprise customers promoting their business. Should you disagree with any of the services, please do not access the services or for that matter.   

1.    Charges: All subscriptions, charges, premiums or purchases made via the app are based on your confirmation and you shall not hold responsible MINGLETAINMENT or any of its affiliates responsible. If you wish to purchase any product or service made available through the Service ("Purchase"), you may be asked to supply certain information relevant to your Purchase including, without limitation, the Purchases section is for businesses that sell online (physical or digital). It should further be noted that some parts of the Service are billed on a subscription basis whilst some may be transactional fee/charge based. You will be billed, depending on your choice of once-off or recurring fees. The mode of payment is only applicable based on the various payment mechanisms offered.  Services can only be enjoyed upon payment unless a specific service offered is free of charge. Users or Subscribers will be responsible for unsubscribing for their own subscriptions and will be charged till they unsubscribe their services.
2.    Content and management: Our Service allow users to post, link, store, share and otherwise make available certain information, text, graphics, videos, or other material ("Content"). MINGLETAINMENT, its affiliates, directors, shareholders and staff are responsible for providing a solution that permits sharing of information and are therefore do not own the information. Its customers are solely responsible for owning and controlling the content that is posted on the application. All responsibility rests with the user who is posting the information and that intellectual and proprietary based information that is posted as content remains the responsibility of the customer. Once information has been posted, the customer grants its access whilst maintaining non-exclusivity, free from royalty or any form of license fees and permits online sharing of the content but within the boundaries of the application’s functionality. This right can only be revoked should the user remove their content from the application. However subject to the content management storage and back up procedures internally, the content may be hosted for limited duration. It should be noted that MINGLETAINMENT doe not take any responsibilities for any of the content that is posted by the customer and that the customer must take all reasonable efforts to avoid putting offensive, pornographic material, political, religious or any other post or comment that can be construed as offensive or illegal in nature.
1.    We confirm that end use information shall not be provided to any enterprise or third party that is advertising on the application and such that customers (end user) shall continue to enjoy the services with assurance of privacy.
3.    Liability: The customer indemnifies and holds harmless MINGLETAINMENT, its affiliates, directors, shareholders and staff from any and all complaints, charges, damages, losses, costs, any type of legal fees, including but not limited to lawyers and attorney and any other expense that may occur or have arisen due to the manner in which the customer may utilise the MINGLETAINMENT service or on account of the content loaded by any customer or on account of any illegal activity or breach of terms and conditions. All features and functionality of this application are proprietary and should not be attempted to be copied. Any customer, person or entity found to be attempting the same shall be held liable and legal actions shall be put forth towards that individual.
4.    User Contents: Mingletainment will not tolerate any Abusive contents in any from under any circumstances and will disable such contents immediately including the user access by disabling account until internal review is concluded. Such contents are monitored on daily basis and any Reports on the content abuse will have an immediate action.
5.    Affiliation: MINGLETAINMENT wishes to advise its customers that this is an application designed for permitting socialising and entertainment. The application, business, its directors and shareholders confirm that they have no political or religious affiliation. All trading and its activities, to the best of its intention are legally compliant.   4.1. We take no responsibility on behalf of the enterprise customers that are responsible for managing their content, its delivery, compliance to statutory requirements, laws of the country and privacy policy management. Any complaints, concerns that may be associated to such matters can be raised via email or the contact numbers for the MINGLETAINMENT team to provide advice and feedback of further contact details to the enterprise owner.  We shall remain fully compliant and assure the customer of our intention to offer full transparency.
6.     Change Management: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace functionality, content and frequency at any time. Further to the same, MINGLETAINMENT reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions at any point of time. In specific cases limited to legal or statutory compliance, a 15 (calendar) days' notice shall be provided prior to any service or terms modification taking effect.
7.    Definition of Customers: Due to the nature of services rendered, MINGLETAINMENT defines customers in either of two ways as listed below in point 6.1 and 6.2. In any case, use of the term Customers shall cover and apply to both, unless specifically stated.
1.    Customers (end user/users): This category of customers is defined as a customer who enjoys or benefits from use of the application services and is signed up as a living person and single entity. This person shall have access to utilise and interact with all features and functionalities depending on the offer (free or charged). The end user is further defined as the one who pays using in-app purchase facility or using airtime or mobile money payment functions.
2.    Customer (Enterprise or Enterprise Customer): Is an entity who has entered into contract with MINGLETAINMENT for using its portal or application to advertise its business and provide special offers, either monetary or service based.
8.    Billing: MINGLETAINMENT reserves the rights to apply charges on different functionality and services rendered. All charging conditions and payment mechanisms shall be provided to the customers for their consent and confirmation. Once charging consent is provided and charge debited successfully, the requisite service shall be rendered. The customers should take note that their Telecom carriers may normally apply rates for data and text that these are not in control of MINGLETAINMENT.
9.    Security Management and Registration process: Security of our customers is paramount to MINGLETAINMENT. We therefore have provided key aspects that all customers are requested to ensure.
1.    Customers registered must be 18 years of age and should declare all their basic information truthfully. Falsification of information is not supported.
2.    Customers must not disturb another user should they initially refuse to accept the invite for socialising or invitation to any event.
3.    You must not put offensive, illegal content or any such information that infringes anyone’s copyright, personal identification on the application.
4.    You must keep your password secured and not share access with other. Your user ID and password is your personal information and therefore you are solely responsible for its maintenance. MINGLETAINMENT maintains strict standards in terms of ensuring user information and password information security.
10.    Dispute Management and Termination: MINGLETAINMENT maintains strict governance processes associated to security and illegal activities. Any violations such as these will result in immediate termination of your account should any such activity be detected. Further, all disputes must foremost be conforming to the conditions mentioned in the terms as per all clauses.
11.    Contact information: We welcome our users to contact us on our webpage. Further all your concerns, complaints, feedback, suggestions, request for on boarding Enterprise customers are welcome. We look forward to serving you.
With your registration and profile activation, you accept our Terms and conditions. We hope you enjoy MINGLETAINMENT and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for accepting and joining this application.

Sincerely Yours,